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Business Overview eBook:

BLOOM – Step 3

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Includes the following information:

  • Introduction to doTERRA
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Innovative Scientific Testing
  • Groundbreaking Medical Research
  • Bringing Essential Oils to You
  • Essential Oil Application
  • Essential Oil Safety
  • Detailed descriptions for each essential oil and essential oil blend along with main benefits and uses.
  • 30-Day Cleanse worksheet

Here is a list of all of the Holistic Healing, Alternative Practitioner

& Soul Centered Business Courses that we offer, to each of our

incredible Blossoms United Team Members, as part of our Holistic

Health Foundation and Doterra team training:

Holistic Healing + Holistic Life Coaching Specialty Courses:

(*for Personal or Business Use)

* Journey to Self-Healing and Self Discovery

* Vibrational Crystal Healing (CCH)

* Holistic Tarot Reading (CHTR)

*Life Code Aromatherapy™ (CLCA)

As a Blossoms United, Doterra Team Member, you also score

some INCREDIBLE Online Business Training put together by

our TOP Blossoms United Team Leaders!

Soul Centered Business + Doterra Leadership Training:

* B.U. 5 Day Fast Start

* B.U. 21 Day Smart Start Foundations Training

(Includes a BONUS Aromatherpy 101 Course!)

* B.U. Diamonds Leadership Training (for Team Leaders)

I absolutely loved the Journey To Self Discovery course! Truly a beautiful journey through the seven chakras. I never imagined it would be so thorough and insightful. This course truly allowed me to revisit areas in my life I thought I no longer needed to revisit. I’m so glad I completed this course because it has helped me to have an even better understanding of myself and of what we all need in order to feel more love and fulfillment in our lives. Angelica T.

Blossoms United Course Graduate

Dr. Aly’s Journey to Self-Healing and Self-Discovery Through the Chakras led the path into my own self-awareness and exploration to chakra healing. As a holistic practitioner and student, working towards incorporating holistic healing modalities into my yoga teaching, understanding my own work through the chakras has been imperative! I learned so much about my own chakra work; doing the work and filling up my own cup first has expanded both my own personal self-healing, as well as my holistic health work with others as a yoga teacher! I strongly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in self-growth and tapping into new dimensions with holistic health clients. Thank you so much, Dr. Aly, for opening new doors for me through this course! Hannah S.

Blossoms United Course Graduate


Hello, Beauty! If you currently have your own Holistic Blog or Spiritual Business and are interested in joining Blossoms United Doterra Tribe, as a way to add an additional stream of residual income to your existing business model, please fill out the application form on the contact page, and we can chat! I absolutely LOVE IT when I find other dynamic leaders and like-minded (good vibe/grounded) business owners, who share similar passions and have similar visions and goals!

xoxo, Dr. Aly

Blossoms United Team Founder