An IMPORTANT note on keeping posts and content original:

Plagiarism and copying is not allowed or tolerated within Blossoms United. Please be respectful of each team members unique and individual business, including their personal work, images and post/course/workshop content, etc. Not only is this illegal, but it creates bad blood between team members, as we each put a lot of time, thought and heart into what we create and what we share. When we see our content and images being stolen or copied, it hurts our businesses and our hearts. It is a BIG deal.

Taking some inspiration from someone else’s work is fine, but please treat others how you would like to be treated, do no harm, and be sure to make your posts your own! If the content and images etc., still feel and appear close to the original post that you took inspiration from, please credit the original publisher of the post. This is important, and ethical.

NEVER copy and paste or plagiarize someone else’s content, and NEVER steal and/or reuse and repost another persons image as your own. If an image is watermarked, NEVER remove the watermark and repost the image with your own watermark. If you would like to repost someone’s post or photo, please use strong ethics, and ask permission, or source and credit the original creator of the image/post with their watermark still intact/image unaltered.

We are a team, and we love sharing, but our individual businesses (outside of our team) are our own, and are made up of our own stories, copyrighted images, ideas, philosophies, branding, unique voice and intellectual property. So again, please be mindful of this, and keep your photos and content original, and give proper credit when appropriate. If this boundary is crossed, I as this team leader, reserve the right to report any impropriate sharing of copyrighted material to site admins, and also reserve to right to remove members from our Blossoms United team groups, circles and courses, etc.

If you feel that you have overstepped this boundary, please take the proper actions NOW, to make the necessary changes and edits to your blogs, special media feeds, etc. I appreciate your honesty, integrity and cooperation!  

If you are having a difficult time coming up with your own content, try sharing your personal stories, unique life experiences, and dive into new books and courses that you can learn and grow from! As we learn, there is always something new to share, and as we work to improve ourselves through personal development, practice, and holistic tools, etc., we begin to develop our own beautiful and unique relationships and understandings with these tools and techniques! We are all students of life, and we are all here to create, be joyful, shine our light, and we deserve to have our own voices heard! 🙂

If you have any questions about this VERY IMPORTANT topic, or if you would like to report an issue to me, please contact me via private message, via Facebook, and we can work to get any issues sorted out. Thank you!

~Dr. Aly

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