Hi, Beauties! Aly here, with some details about BOGO (Buy One, GET ONE) WEEK, that will be running from November 20th – November 24th, 2017! 

During this week, you have an amazing opportunity to grab some incredible essential oils from Doterra, while getting oils for free! Every day, Doterra posts a NEW product BOGO, and you can participate in just one, or all of them, WHILE earning FREE PRODUCT POINTS if you place your BOGO orders on your LRP (Loyalty Rewards Points Template).

This year, we had decided to make Bogo Week even MORE exciting within Blossoms United, by incorporating some FUN DAILY GIVEAWAYS!!

If you participate in a BOGO day (meaning you place a BOGO order), jump over to our BU Facebook Page, and be sure to enter yourself into the giveaway, by commenting on the Giveaway Post, for that day!

Here are some additional details, shared on a Facebook Live! You will want to watch each of the lives on this page, so you don’t miss any of the details! Don’t worry! They are pretty short and to the point! Please click the button to the right to view video 1 of 4. 


  • Place your BOGO Orders on your LRP templates, because if they are 50pv or more, you also earn FREE Product points back!!
  • Each day is a new BOGO (Buy One Get One FREE Deal) Sometimes there is a limit on the # you can buy per account, so keep an eye on that. *For example: Buy a Balance, get a FREE Serenity (limit 5 per account). This would get you a total of 10 OILS, and you would only pay for 5, plus, you would get free product points on top of that. You are NOT required to buy a max amount.
  • BOGO Academy Courses! Enroll with a 100pv or more order (wholesale customer or wellness advocate), and get BOTH the crystal healing and tarot reading courses!

NOTE: Aly will be posting the BOGO deals daily, and we will be sure to have some hop on Facebook Live, to talk about the BOGO items of the day, do you know how to use them, as well as their basic benefits.

* Don’t forget, this month, our FULL Tuition Deal is also running at 20% off, so if you have any questions about this, please let us know!

Please let us know how we can help you make the most out of the upcoming awesomeness, and also be sure to watch out for our Team Giveaways, for those of you who place 1 or more BOGO Orders! More giveaway details to come!




OK, Sweets, I MISSED AN IMPORTANT NOTE!! If you are going to place any BOGO orders that are over 50PV, BE SURE to place them on your LRP Template, and NOT on a One Time Order Template.



LRP Orders that are 50PV or more, earn you points back that you can cash in for ADDITIONAL FREEBIES, on your next LRP order.

If you place your BOGO orders on a One Time Order Template, you will miss out on the additional free product points, which would be a total bummer!

Also, this is a time of year when people LOVE to join our tribe, due to the AMAZING DEALS, so if you don’t know how to enroll people yet, or how they can order from your site link, or how you get them their course login information (if they would like to take one of our tuition-free BU Academy Courses) , please contact your enroller right away with your questions, so that you have all of the information needed to run a successful BOGO Week!



WAHOO, we have one more thing to mention and that is that we have a BOGO Course Deal for Current Members, as well!

  • Place a total of 300pv on an LRP template, during BOGO WEEK, and earn BOGO COURSES, IN ADDITION TO YOUR BOGO PRODUCT!

(Choose 2 Foundation Courses – Choose between 1. Journey to Self Healing and Self Discovery, 2. Vibrational Crystal Healing, 3. Holistic Tarot Reading)

If you have been on LRP, saving up for a course already, contact us and let us know, and we will work with you, so you don’t need to do the full 300pv!

Here is the Live Video with all of the details! CLICK THE VIDEO TO THE RIGHT. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Enroller, ASAP! We are here to help!


Let’s give our Journey to Self-Healing and Self Discovery Course, for FREE, to NEW Members who join with a $35 Membership and at least one BOGO item!


Please click the video to the right, to watch the LIVE! 


Mindy Spradlin’s presentation on BOGO’s!


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*Daily graphics will be posted each day along with texting verbiage, diffuser recipes, and such.